Conference "Parlam d'Educació"


Members of EIPSI participate in the VIII Conference "Let’s talk about education" on "Classroom and research: a two-way change"

On April 29, 2022, Anna Díaz-Vicario, member of the EIPSI Project, participated in the VIII Conference "Parlam d’Educació" organized by the Professional Association of Teachers of Ibiza. This year's edition was entitled "Classroom and Research: A Two-Way Change" and was attended by more than 70 teachers from pre-school, primary, secondary, and post-compulsory education.

Anna Díaz-Vicario gave the lecture “Using evidence to improve educational practice”, where after clarifying the term of evidence-informed practice and emphasizing the importance of informing and reflecting on practice from evidence, presented some resources to search and find research evidence. Among these resources, she presented the document "Guía para impulsar prácticas educativas informadas en evidencias en los centros educativos de educación infantil y primaria" that was developed as part of the PBETools Project.

You can find more information about the projects and the guide on our website:

PBETools - Prácticas Educativas Basadas en la evidencia

EIPSI - Evidence Informed Practice for School Inclusion

Guía para impulsar prácticas educativas basadas en evidencias en los centros educativos de educación infantil y primaria



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