Communication reorganisation

The center

EDO has evolved towards CRiEDO, and with it also its corporate image

As we reported last July, the UAB Governing Council approved the creation of the Center for Research and Studies for Organizational Development, integrating researchers from the Departments of Applied Pedagogy, Economics and Didactics of Musical Expression. Plastic and Body.

The EDO (Organizational Development Team) research group, recognized as a consolidated research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya (2017SGR00318), has also been integrated into the CRiEDO. In this sense, UAB researchers linked to the EDO research group are now part of the CRiEDO, while researchers belonging to other Catalan universities continue to maintain their research linked to the departments of their respective universities.

With this integration, there have been some changes in the media and dissemination of the EDO Group. In this sense, social networks, the web and the newsletter linked to the group are now part of the communication strategy of the CRiEDO, which is why the activity of the EDO group will now be in the usual channels, along with the rest of activity of the members of the center.

Therefore, the communication channels of the CRiEDO become:

On the other hand, you will find information about the EDO Group on the specific website that has been created to present the main objectives, lines of research, members and activities developed by them at: 

As for the information from the EDO-SERVEIS Service Provisioning Laboratory, beyond the specific section on the CRiEDO website, you will also find it at:


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