CIEDO 2020, now also online


The VI Congress EDO 2020 VI "The new knowledge management" opens the possibility of attending in hybrid mode.

The VI CIED 2020 program, in hybrid modality, is structured from 4 general conferences and 11 symposia that will deal with the work topics of the Congress:

  • Methodologies and strategies for the new management of collective knowledge.
  • The promotion and recording of interaction and collective conversation.
  • Management of talent and human capital in organizations.
  • Corporate networks for the new knowledge management.
  • Social and collaborative learning in knowledge management.
  • Management of informal learning in organizations.
  • Models and experiences that combine personal, social and institutional development in organizations.

Spaces have also been opened for the presentation of communications and posters and the realization of demonstrations in workshop format. In the program you can find out if the presentation takes place in face-to-face or virtual mode:

To review the enrollment conditions, check here:

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