Celebration of the XVII SEP Conference


On 7th, 8th and 9th July the XVII National Congress and the IX Ibero-American Congress of Pedagogy were held online.

This edition in an entirely online format was entitled "Online education. Diverse realities, common horizons." This congress has been a great opportunity for reflection and a proposal for shared action, where the concepts of quality and equity, knowledge, Inclusion, development and sustainability have been modulated in theory and in practice, in a journey of permanent innovation around programs and projects that will hardly escape the influence of big data in education. Pedagogy acts as an instrumental vector at the service of the optimization of learning processes and, of course, of educational results, and not only within but also outside schools, alongside other instances of civil society equally important in representing the possibilities that assist us in the present to advance towards the achievement of a citizenry aware of its leading role in a future that looms full of uncertainty.

The Spanish Pedagogy Society (SEP) and the scientific associations that make up RETINDE (Transdisciplinary Network of Educational Research) collaborated in the organization of this congress. From CRiEDO we have participated with the following communications:

  • Conditioning factors for the development of organizational ethics in the schools of Catalonia of Sara Colorado Ramírez and Joaquín Gairín.
  • ORACLE: A Latin American Experience for the Development of a Culture of Equity in Higher Education by Diego Castro and Joaquín Gairín.
  • Design of a training plan for automotive academics from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico by Aleix Barrera-Corominas, Anna Díaz-Vicario and Cecilia Inés Suárez
  • “Teaching digital competence in education degrees. The perspective of the university faculty of Cristina Mercader and Alejandra Bosco-Paniagua.
  • “The promotion of the teaching digital competence in the degrees in Infant and Primary Education of Cristina Mercader and Alejandra Bosco-Paniagua.
  • Evaluation as a self-regulation mechanism in the initial teacher training by David Rodríguez, José Luís Muñoz and Georgeta Ion.

In addition, during the congress the publication of the publication was also presented: Gairín, J., and Georgeta, I. (Eds.). (2021). Evidence-based educational practices. Reflections, strategies and good practices. Editorial Narcea.

All the information about the Congress here.

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