Celebration VI Congress EDO 2020


The VI International Congress EDO "The New Management of Knowledge" was held on 11th, 12th and 13th November.

The biennial Congress, which had traditionally held all its editions in person at the CEJFE and EAPC facilities, this year adapted to current health conditions and was held online.

The participants of the inauguration and the closing made their parliaments in person in the new facilities of the CEJFE of the street Pau Claris of Barcelona, ​​recently released, but without the presence of the assistants, who could follow in line. In total, more than 300 people participated.

The CIEDO brings together experts in knowledge management from Spain and Latin America. The aim of this sixth edition was to analyze the role of managers in the management of knowledge and talent in organizations, corporate social networks for the promotion of social learning and learning in action as a tool to enhance professional development.

There were 4 conferences, 11 symposia, 7 workshops, 8 communication tables and posters and 1 Thematic Conversations session. In the coming weeks, participants will have access to videos of conferences, symposia, communication rooms and posters, and the main conclusions will be available to the general public.

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