Celebration of the ECER 2021


From 6th to 10th September, the conference "ECER 2021: Education and society: expectations, proposals, agreements" was held

The ECER 2021 conference, organized by EERA, has set out to analyze the tensions that exist between the broad social, political and economic demands that are placed on educational systems and the realities of daily engagement with students and those who are connected in all areas. stages of the educational continuum. Addressing this dichotomy between demands and prescriptions, sometimes contradictory, that are made to education systems, as well as analyzing the needs of students and learning communities, are some of the key elements on which results of the studies are presented. more recent research.

During ECER 2021, the 32 EERA networks and a group of emerging researchers have participated and explored the tensions experienced in educational settings during the first decades of the 21st century. Some CRiEDO researchers have actively participated by presenting the following contributions:

  • The Role of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Factors in the Collaborative Peer Assessment by Aleix Barrera-Corominas, Georgeta Ion and Laura Pons-Seguí
  • Institutional Factors influencing the use of Evidence Informed Practice in Catalan’s schools by Cecilia Ines Suárez Rivarola, Anna Díaz-Vicario and Georgeta Ion
  • Metacognitive Awareness and Self-Regulated Learning Skills of Students in the Bachelors ’of Primary Education and Education Studies by Cristina Mercader, Angelina Sánchez Martí and Georgeta Ion
  • Exploring Self-Regulated Learning Practices among Pre-Service Teachers by David Rodríguez-Gómez, José Luís Muñoz Moreno and Georgeta Ion
  • Students Engagement with Feedback in Digital Learning Environments: a Literature Review by Mònica Feixas, Georgeta Ion and Franziska Zellweger
  • An Analytic Framework to Explore the Risk and Support Factors of Early Leaving: a Comparative Analysis of Spain and England by Patricia Olmos Rueda, Ceri Brown, Joaquín Gairín and Anna Diaz

Also with the following Symposium linked to the O4YEL project:

  • Understanding the Risks to Early Leaving. Exploring the Risk and Support Factors in Europe by Patricia Olmos Rueda, Ceri Brown, Sandrina Milhano, Miruna Luana Miulescu, Elena Marin, Klaus Ruth, Anna Díaz Vicario, Joaquín Gairín, Catarina Mangas, Sara Lopes, Carla Freire, Mihaela Stïngu and Romita Iucu

All the information about the Congress here: https://eera-ecer.de/ecer-2021-geneva/

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