13th of May, Pedagogy Day

The group

Today our centre celebrates the Pedagogy Day to strengthen and value the work of all its professionals.

On 10th March in the framework of the meeting of the Council of Official Colleges of Pedagogues and Psychopedagogues of Spain, the deanship teams of the universities and professional colleges agreed to establish May 13 as Pedagogy Day.

This day was already celebrated in different countries, and as of May 13th, 2022, the pedagogues and psychopedagogues of the Spanish state also have a day to strengthen and highlight their profession as of this year.

From our center, together with the Faculty of Educational Sciences and the Autonomous University of Barcelona as a whole, we want the Pedagogy Day of this 2022 to be a day to vindicate and recognize the professionals of these disciplines as essential for society.

More information: https://cgcopyp.org/index.php/archivos/470

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