The research and the studies carried out by members of EDO have generated specific resources that are available to the public, beyond the publications listed in sections “books” and “articles”. These are:

Código de conducta en competiciones deportivas escolares, (in English, Code of conduct for school sports competitions), developed in the research project «Prevention of intolerant attitudes in school sports competitions. Construction and dissemination of a code of conduct» funded by the High Council for Sport of Spain (Exp. 37/2011). (Resource only  available in Spanish and Catalan)

Plan de Acción Tutorial para estudiantes universitarios con discapacidad (PATdis), (in English, Tutorial Action Plan for disabled university students (PATdis)), developed in the research project «Tutorial action plan for disabled university students» (EDU/2346/2011) funded by the Ministry of Education of Spain (EDU/2346/2011). (Resource only  available in Spanish)

Usos y abusos de las TIC en adolescentes. Decálogo para centros educativos, familias y jóvenes (in English, Uses and abuses of ICT in teenagers. Decalogue for schools, families and youth people), developed in the research project « Uses and abuses of ICT by teenagers» funded by Mapfre Foundation (MAPFRE2012-0001). (Resource only available in Spanish)

- Centros educativos seguros y saludables. Orientaciones prácticas para su desarrollo, (in English, "Safety and Healty Schools. Practical Guidelins for its development), developed in the research project «Schools as healthy organizations. A guide for their development» funde by Fundació Prevent (Call for Becas I+D en Prevención de Riesgos Laborales 2018). (Resource only available in Spanish)

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