Research fields

EDO is engaged in various lines of research through its working groups. These groups are open, meaning that EDO members can be in more than one group, either simultaneously or consecutively over time. Group coordination, however, usually remains in the hands of the same person.


The following research groups currently form nodes within EDO:

CCUC (Culture Change in Contemporary Universities)
Coordinator: Marina Tomàs

DEMOS (Development and Improvement of Organisations)
Coordinator: Carme Armengol

DO (Organisational Development)
Coordinator: Joaquín Gairín

EDAINET Group (Learning Environments, Educational Innovation Technology)
Coordinator: Alejandra Bosco

OrSa Group (Healthy Organizations)
Coordinators: Joaquín Gairín / Miquel Àngel Essomba

GeU Group (University Management) 
Coordinators: Diego Castro

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