Orientation and tutorials for professional work experience. Protocols for action and delimitation of quality standards. (2010MQD00087)

Finantial Entity: 
AGAUR (Programa MQD)
January 2011 to January 2012

The project seeks to find answers and alternatives for the philosophical, organisational and monitoring problems involved in doing professional work experience as part of the new degrees being implemented in the European Higher Education Area.

The first major aim is the analysis of such work experience on degree courses in the different areas of training (Health Sciences, Experimental and Technological Sciences, Human Sciences and Social Sciences) in order to identify the common and differential elements, and thereby delimit the possible models for action, should they exist, identifying good practices in the different training areas.

A second aim, and linked to the previous one, is to make the models operative through indicators of design, process and results, with the corresponding standards, which could configure a Guide for the review and improvement of professionalization practices.

The analysis of the situation, its comparison with desirable models and making them operative in indicators, are related with the creation of protocols for action in professionalization practices, which constitute the third aim of this project.

The project also enables and fosters the exchange of experiences between staff and students in different areas of training, an increase in the cohesion between UAB professionals and between the UAB and other universities, and participation in the furthering of knowledge about aspects of university education.

Funding: 10.000 €

Project members: 

Joaquín Gairín Sallán (Coord. - UAB), Carme Armengol Asparó (UAB), Josep Maria Brucart Marraco (UAB), Mercè Mitjavila García (UAB), José Luíz Muñoz Moreno (Col. UAB), David Rodríguez Gómez (UAB) y Silvia Ruiz Boqué (UPC)

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