Management Training

The activity of EDO group is related to the analysis and development of organizations in general, but also educational organizations specifically. Under this idea, the following plans have been designed focused on management, organization and leadership in training institutions.


As shown in the following part, some of these programs are proposed by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and other are jointly coordinated between UAB and other institutions such as University of Deusto or Higher School of Music in Catalonia.

Contact us and we will inform you about training programs recognized by Generalitat de Catalunya as accredited training for practice managing service (Article 27.2 of Order 155/2010 2nd Novembre).

Máster Oficial en Dirección de centros para la innovación (Ver más)

Máster Oficial en Dirección y Gestión de Centros Educativos (Ver más)

Máster Oficial de Investigación en Educación. Especialidad en Desarrollo y Gestión de las organizaciones para el cambio (Ver más)

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