Jaume Barrera Fusté


Edifici G6 Professorat i Aules
Campus de la UAB
08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)

(+34) 935 812 650
Tenured Professor
Short biography: 

Currently a professor in the field of didactics of visual arts at UAB. Prior professor of the History of Art degree at UAB, in Art and Design at the Massana School (UAB) and the School of Design in EINA(UAB). He has also collaborated with the ICE of the UB and cultural training centers dependent on the Provincial and City Council.

In management university continuously since 1998 as coordinator of degrees, units of departaments, teams in different locations of departments ....

Duality of research and knowledge transfer in scientific and artistic fields. So many high quality publications in journals, books, participation in conferences, and approximately one hundred art exhibitions between individual and collective, both nationally and internationally.

Research Line(s): 
Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in Higher Education (IP GRET Transdisciplinary Research Group on Education). Critical understanding of the visual arts in educational processes.
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