Isabel Del Arco Bravo


Departament de Pedagogia i Psicologia / Vicerectorat de Docència
Edifici del Rectorat - Despatx 2.47
Pl. de Víctor Siurana, 1
E-25003 Lleida

Tenured Professor - Coordinator EDO-UdL
Short biography: 

Ph.D in Psycho-pedagogy with Extraordinary Prize in Doctorate from University of Lleida. B.A. in Philosophy and Science of Eduction and Teaching Diploma in EGB specialized in Science.

Her professional activities has been preferably developed in different levels and educational stages in public system of teaching as the function in teaching section. She has worked as a teacher in preschool, primary and secondary education sectors, and at the present she is a tenured professor (TUC) in Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Faculty of Science of Education in the University of Lleida, in the Area of Knowledge of Teaching and School Organization.

Her research interests include themes related to the attention to diversity in education such as re-orienting the process of teaching/leaning; themes related to intercultural education, family education, teachers´ intervention in classroom support and innovation of university teaching. She has been the director of ICE of UdL since 2005 when she finished her post of Vice Chancellor of Teaching, and now she is leading the process of convergence to EEES in UdL.

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