III EDO International Congress, "Learning organizations and organizational knowledge creation"


For the year 2010, in collaboration with the Center for Legal Studies and Specialized Training under the Department of Justice of the Province of Catalonia, they organized the International EDO Congress "New training strategies for organizations", and for the year  2012 they planned the II EDO International Congress, "Knowledge management and organizational development: training and corporate training".

For the year 2014 both institutions, with the collaboration of Catalan School of Public Administration planned the organization of the III EDO International Congress, "Learning organizations and organizational knowledge creation"  which goal is to analyze the latest developments in the field of knowledge creation and management in organizations, with particular emphasis on learning in the workplace

The objectives of the III International Congress EDO include:

- To analyse and discuss the reality and perspectives of collaborative networking in professional communities of practice.
- To promote the exchange of experiences and good practices in workplace learning promotion.
- To promote joint working areas among University, Public Administration and Private Sector in the field of creation and management of knowledge in network.
- To understand and assess the studies and research related to workplace learning, informal learning, and knowledge management.
- To establish institutional bridges to enhance the analysis of collaborative network and its role in organizational development.
- To promote links and joint working areas between university and society related to the development of new training modalities in organizations.

More information: http://edoserveis-uab.cat/congreso2014


The III EDO Internacional Congress will be held on Barcelona between 14th and 16th May 2014. 

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