The International Forum of Education and Technology (FIET) confirms June 26th of 2018 as the date for the celebration of its next edition.

The general objectives of FIET are to reflect and make proposals of a transforming nature based on the results of the research and the evidences that this gives us, in order to put in value the knowledge and experience in Education, Culture and Technology, contrasting it with other contexts in order to generate future scenarios in this field.

This great objective is aimed to be achieved through the analysis, debate and preparation of educational proposals for new learning scenarios from a technological and transformative point of view; from the different encounters that take place.

The new context and challenges posed by the current era have led to rethinking what should be the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to face an interconnected, complex, changing and technological society. That's where the FIET emerged in 2014, with the realization of an international congress. Subsequently, in 2016 it was consolidated with an agreement signed by 8 Catalan universities (UAB, UB, U. of Girona, U. of Lleida, UVIC-UCC, UOC, URL and URV) for the annual organization and a congress of five-year periodicity.

For this reason, the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Sports of the Ramon Llull University will be the scene of the next FIET’s edition, which will arrive in June of next year.

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Tuesday June 26th will be the day on which the International Forum of Education and Technology will be held.

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