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Cultural diversity in extended learning time: a proposal to strengthen intercultural dimensions within educational action

TitleCultural diversity in extended learning time: a proposal to strengthen intercultural dimensions within educational action
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsIglesias-Vidal, E
AdvisorGairín, J, Essomba-Gelabert, MA
Date Published07/2014
Thesis TypeThesis

From now on, this doctoral thesis tries to provide strength to the intercultural dimension in educational organizations in leisure-based community, since identifying the conditions that, today, favor or hinder intercultural development. By education in leisure-based community we understand organizations along long-term trajectories in Catalonia, that evidence a base of educational work with and for the community.
Specifically, we have considered and used an intentional sample of 2 centres oberts (leisure educational space where most of young people are linked to social services), 2 esplais (similar to scout) and 2 scouts in multicultural contexts. In total, 31 semi-structured interviews are conducted: 12 were carried out on educators, 11 on young people and 8 on families. Likewise, a focus group was used with educational representation of each organization, and another one with educational experts. These two methods were reinforced with the analysis of internal documents.
The fruit of critical analysis of speech are 42 outcomes ---organized into their nature: organizational context, diversity variables, educational context and the impact of interculturality. Afterwards, we show 13 conclusions in the abovementioned natures, relating them to a model for organizational change, in favorable or unfavorable conditions for interculturality. Among other key aspects, conclusions highlight the importance of promoting intercultural training processes according to specific contents that add gender, different intercultural visions or tools for improving measures in attention to diversity.
Finally, we show an instrument proposal that tends towards the diagnosis of interculturality from an organizational development perspective. In this sense, we identify different indicators that, from various fields, place educational organization among –and potentially- 4 stages according to interculturality: reactive, proactive, expressive and expansive.

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