Blanca Patricia Silva García


Departament de Pedagogia i Psicologia  Av. de l'Estudi General, 4 
Tercer Pis, Despatx 3.16
25001 Lleida 

+34 973 706 587
Tenured Lecturer
Short biography: 

Patricia Silva García has Teaching Licence in Primary Education, B.A. in Sociology, Master in Educational Development, Master in Management and Leadership in Educational Centres and Ph.D in Pedagogy from UB. She is now teaching in Department of Applied Pedagogy in Automatic University of Barcelona. She is in charge of Academic Coordination and of Master in Management and Leadership in UB, and a part of the consolidated research group of EDO. Her main research interests are related to training and organization, particularly in School Inspection and Leadership. She participates in national and international researches and projects with object of organization improvement and development. She also has participated in national and international conferences mainly in areas of Organization and Teaching Training. 

Research Line(s): 
Improve and Development of Organisations; Educative Inspection Administration.
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