Assessment of the effects and impact of curricular practices on teacher training and at training centres (2014ARMIF00023)

Finantial Entity: 
July 2014 to December 2015

The project aims to define and validate a model for assessing the effects and impact of curricular practices on those involved (students, tutors and institutional managers) and on the participating institutions.  

By defining a provisional model based on the review of literature and previous studies, the goal is to validate a proposal and specific actions (indicators, application method, effects, etc.) based on a generic study on more than 300 participants and a specific study at 16 education centres in Barcelona and Lleida. The study will consider curricular practices and work-linked training practices, and will involve interviews, discussion groups and the systematisation of particular situations. The results of the field study will be presented and made the subject of public debate. This will enable both improvements to be made to and communication of the results.    

The research team is comprised of five doctors (forming part of various departments and universities), a researcher and four teachers. The majority of them have extensive experience in the basics levels of training, have participated in research and innovation projects and belong to a consolidated research group.            

The project being presented is related to and affects three significant aspects of the modern educational context that act as benchmarks for their definition and specific development: (1) there is a constant desire to improve education and, against this backdrop, it seems essential to consolidate a quality model in teacher training. This goal reflects the “Programme of improvement and innovation in teacher training ((MIF-CIC.EDU) being promoted within the framework of the Inter-university Council of Catalonia and the current call for research funding applications; (2) assessment is a key tool for knowing the reality and promoting the processes of change. The assessment of results, effects and impact of training actions seems, in this regard, fundamental for revealing weaknesses in the systems, enhancing improvements and promoting self-regulation; (3) improvement will be effective if it integrates analysis processes with the intervention processes. We therefore believe it essential to inter-relate teaching and research, insofar as that the latter provides explanations on real facts and the former can incorporate new training strategies based on the results of the latter.       
More specifically, this study proposes the following:        
Overall objective:         
To analyse the impact that curricular practices have on the students and institutions involved.
Specific objectives:       
- To define a model for analysing the effects and impact of curricular practices.
- To identify and assess the effects and impact that curricular practices have on the satisfaction and learning of students.   
- To identify and assess the effects and impact that curricular practices have on the institutions involved.   
- To compare and spread the model used to analyse the effects and impact of curricular practices.

Hence, the goal is to analyse curricular practices while examining the significant findings from studies conducted in the past in this regard, such as the contributions made by various authors (e.g. Gairín et al, 2009; Rué and Lodeiro, 2010), the successive meetings on Prácticum en Poio ( and the publications by such associations and agencies as ANUIES (Spanish National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions), the Ibero-American Education Association, the AQU (Catalan Agency for Quality in the University System) and the ACU of Castile and Leon. Also of potential use are a number of studies on vocational guidance (e.g. González and Martín, 2004), practices related to specific subjects (e.g. González and Martín, 2004) or transitions (e.g. Gairín et al, 2004).

Provision: € 10,500

Project members: 

Joaquín Gairín (UAB, Coordinator), Carme Armengol (UAB), David Rodríguez Gómez (UAB), Griselda Batlle (Escola Can Parera), Isabel del Arco (UdL), Oscar Flores (UdL), Santi Garriga (UAB), Raul Manzano (CRP Segrià), Concepció Pastó (Escola Pràctiques Lleida II)

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