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Transfer of learning in Catalan local Administrations: variables associated with the workplace

TítolTransfer of learning in Catalan local Administrations: variables associated with the workplace
Tipus de publicacióJournal Article
Any de publicació2014
AutorsBarrera-Corominas, A
RevistaProcedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences

Transfer of training to the workplace is often analysed by different models whose aim is to evaluate the impact of training on organizations (Kirkpatrick, 1959; Le Boterf, 1991 and Pineda, 2003 & Phillips, 2006). In some cases, there are models which are only focused on the evaluation of training transfer as a tool which allows us to get to know the effectiveness of training (Noe & Smith, 1986; Olsen, 1998 & Holton, 2005) and which identifies variables that may act either as facilitators or barriers and can be grouped according to factors concerning learner, training activity design and delivery or workplace environment (Baldwin and Ford, 1988 and Burke and Hutchins, 2007). Ultimately, there are some authors who are merely focused on the analysis of those variables closely related to workplace environment in which new learning is supposed to be applied (Clarke, 2002; Gumuseli & Ergin, 2002; Chiaburu, Van Dam & Hutchins, 2010 & Van den Bossche, Segers & Jansen, 2010).
This paper underlines the variables associated with the workplace, formerly appeared in a research which aimed to analyse the factors associated with training transfer in Catalan local Administrations. The development of the research includes a longitudinal analysis of nine studies carried out throughout the 2000-2009 period, as well as further contrasting of results with individual interviews and focus groups with the participation of experts, training managers, participants and managers.
The main results enable us to confirm that workplace-related variables exert a huge influence on training transfer, especially those concerning supervisors’ role, availability of resources, learners’ motivation in the workplace and work climate.

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