PBEtools experiences in schools


The PBEtools project has carried out a new initiative with three schools

The PBEtools project has published three of the videos that document the experience of schools that apply evidence-based work methodologies. The schools that have participated in the initiative have been: Emili Juncadella (Barcelona), Tecnos (Terrassa) and Roser Capdevila (Terrassa).


The videos serve to present the experience of immersion in a process of thoughtful and agreed changes with the aim of improving educational practice to achieve attention to diversity and ensure optimal student development.


The involvement of the three educational centers in the project led by EDO-UAB "Educational practices based on scientific evidence: design and validation of strategies for the improvement of educational centers" (Ref. EDU2017-88711-R), has allowed the consolidation of these initiatives, helping to sensitize the members of the school towards the use of scientific evidence for the foundation and the development of sustainable and effective innovation processes.

The purpose of the PBE-Tools project is to promote and drive educational practices by generating resources for teachers and educational teams to transfer and use educational research for the improvement of non-university educational centers. The PBE-Tools project seeks to achieve its objectives from a collaborative approach and from research communities.

For more information about the project, click here.

To see the video of the Emili Juncadella school, click here.

To watch the Tecnos school video, click here.

To see the video of the Roser Capdevila school, click here.

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