9th RETINDE meeting


The ninth meeting of RETINDE took place on March 6 in Avilés

On March 6, the ninth meeting of the RETINDE (Transdisciplinary Network of Educational Research) took place, in which Joaquín Gairín, member of its Delegate Commission, attended on behalf of the EDO Group, which is a founding partner of the Network.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring together the eleven representatives of scientific associations and research networks to be able to tackle and deal in depth with issues related to the ups and downs of RETINDE, the revision of the base document where the objectives and structure are defined, the participation and presentation in the Congress of Pedagogy 2020 and its present and future activities.

RETINDE is a network of educational scientific associations and societies and networks of educational research groups. This was created in 2016 from sixteen founding entities, including the EDO Group. The objectives of the Transdisciplinary Educational Research Network are the following:

  • Contribute to the improvement of educational research and its impact on society, educational practice and scientific knowledge
  • Encourage the linking of research with the action of professionals and educational practice
  • Promote collaboration between the associations, societies and networks linked to RETINDE and of it with other external and international ones.
  • Promote the presence of educational research in society
  • Becoming a recognized interlocutor with administrations

For more information about RETINDE, click here.

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