Official Master in Management of Centers for Educational Innovation


The admission period for the Master in Management of Centers for Educational Innovation is now open

The Official Master in Center Management for Educational Innovation has opened the admission period. This specialized training is recognized by the Government of Catalonia and is aimed at education professionals who want to expand and acquire the necessary skills for the direction and management of educational and training centers.

The program, with a clear focus on the analysis and promotion of innovation, was born as a result of the need to equip professionals in the field of education with skills that allow them to efficiently develop the direction and leadership of educational centers. The master is also aimed at other professionals who carry out management activities in the field of training or sociocultural institutions with an educational focus.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Critically analyze and evaluate the regulatory framework and the administrative and economic guidelines that regulate the operation of educational institutions.
  • Promote personal change in knowledge, competencies, attitudes and skills of school managers, related to the needs of their professional practice, the requirements of the immediate context and the educational system.
  • Effectively use the procedures and tools specific to the leadership and leadership role in educational organizations.
  • Prepare a personal synthesis of the program as a whole in management projects.

For more information about the Master and the admission process, click here.

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