Activities in UDELAS


Inauguration of the new Continuing Education Program for UDELAS Teachers

The Deanship of Extension of the UDELAS-Panama led by Dr. Nicolasa Terreros has opened this year 2020 the new Continuing Education Program for Teachers that replaces the previous training proposal that had been developing since 2009.

The new model implies a transformation in the UDELAS teacher training by incorporating the competency training, the most modern methodologies that combine the face-to-face dimension with the virtual one and the collaboration of international teachers. In that sense, professors Diego Castro and Joaquín Gairín of the EDO Team of the UAB and Professor Mª Inés Vázquez, official collaborator of EDO in the IUACJ of Uruguay participate in the development of the experimental courses, the design of the training materials and the Virtual learning platform with the objective of consolidating this quality proposal.

The Rector of the UDELAS, Dr. Bernal, approved in 2019 the new model that consists of a proposal that combines the different areas of competence of teachers and their corresponding levels of mastery. In that sense, the competencies identified for the optimal performance of teachers in UDELAS are 3: 1) Didactic design of the subjects, subjects, modules and units, 2) Development of the teaching function and, 3) Teaching evaluation . In addition, from the formulation of the three competency axes (design, development and evaluation) the model identifies three levels of competence domain: basic, medium and advanced. If we interrelate both axes (competence fields and levels of development of each competition) we can draw a structure to order and sequence the model presented and, from there, configure the training offer of the different courses and training modules.

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