Master in Education SENACYT


The Master in Education, specializing in Mathematics Teaching, has celebrated its third face-to-face week in Panama City

From January 27 to 31, 2020, the third face-to-face week of the Master in Education (Specialization in Mathematics Teaching) was held in Panama City.

During the conference, various activities have been developed, focusing on the research and innovation processes in mathematics teaching. Professors Luis Moreno and Norma Miller of Panama and professors Juan Carlos Tinoco and Joaquín Gairín of the UAB, while the ongoing academic work has been tutored. This semipresencial training program, which is carried out by means of an agreement with SENACYT, will culminate with the presentation of Master's Final Project (TFM) in the week of June 1.

Last 2016, the collaboration agreement was signed between the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​on behalf of the Organizational Development Team, and the National Secretariat of Science and Technology of the Government of Panama (SENACYT), for the development of training actions aimed at strengthening the Teaching skills of secondary school teachers in the official schools of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Panama.

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