9th CGC CoP


Next Thursday, February 6, the 9th session of the CGC coup will be held on clinical sessions

At the Public Health Agency of Catalonia (Salvany Building) on ​​February 6, at 1pm, the 9th CoP session of the CGC will be held. The conference organized by EDO-UAB, in collaboration with Neos, this time will focus on how clinical sessions can become a space for the management of professional knowledge and enhance informal learning among medical professionals.

In the beginning the clinical sessions were meetings of doctors who organized to share experiences related to the diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions. Today this approach has evolved. It is, with the reviews after the action, one of the most used processes to share knowledge and experiences.

During the day, Bartomeu Ayala (Head of Training and Professional Development of Althaia), will share how is the development of these sessions in the center responding to the following questions: what should be taken into account when organizing a clinical session , what are the aspects that can facilitate or hinder the exchange of experiences among the participants, what technology we can use as support, and how useful they can be in other sectors than health.

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