Training in Panama


Joaquín Gairín, member of the EDO Group, attends the UDELAS from January 29 to 31

The University of the Americas (UDELAS) has started its training program for university professors. This training program establishes three levels of progressive training and in each of them topics related to the design, development and evaluation of university teaching through face-to-face and virtual activities for a total of 48 hours are addressed.

The first course began the face-to-face sessions in Panama City on January 29, 30 and 31, 2020, with the presence of professors Joaquín Gairín (UAB, Spain) and Damián E. Quijano (UDELAS). They are also invited to the next RedAGE specialist courses such as Professor Diego Castro (UAB, Spain) and Professor María Inés Vázquez (IUACJ, Uruguay)

The activity carried out by Joaquín Gairín is carried out within the framework of the collaborative activities carried out between EDO-UAB and UDELAS, among which the recent signing of an agreement for the completion of the Master in Training and University Management stands out. As a result of this agreement, over the next few months a group of 30 professors from universities in Panama will receive training linked to the challenges of the Current University, aspects related to the academic structure and the programs it offers for academic development and improvement , as well as tools for institutional evaluation and improvement and the institutionalization of innovations.

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