II Feedback Meeting


Next June 7th will take place, at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​the II Meeting of the Feedback.net, where strategies and tools related to the topic of work have been analyzed "The use of feedback by students: emerging challenges for research derived from understanding feedback as an action. "

The objective of the meeting is to share different experiences in the use of feedback by university students, and how this is appropriate for these and self-regulation strategies can be useful for development. It is about analyzing what concrete actions students do to appropriate the information they receive, to make sense and make decisions that allow them to modify their future learning processes. It also aims to outline the practices that are being carried out, and if they reach some results or others, or are generating new unknowns that should guide future research.

The meeting, promoted by Elena Cano (UB) as coordinator of the network, and Georgeta Ion (UAB) as coordinator of the ARMIF project "Self-assessment strategies for self-regulation of learning and teacher professional development" aims to explore, based on experiences developed in each of the participating universities, the challenges that feedback research poses the practice.

The II Feedback Meeting will take place on June 7th at the UAB

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