Service learning to promote programming and computational thinking in educational contexts

Finantial Entity: 
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Oficina de Qualitat Docent.
September 2019 to September 2020

This is a service learning proposal where students learn while providing a service to the community: support to the Bellaterra School teachers in relation to the skills they acquire in the subject of TAC (technologies of learning and knowledge). Specifically, it is proposed to support the integration of Scratch, a programming language designed for children, as a learning resource. By using the service learning methodology, students of the TAC subject learn how to create digital educational applications that meet specific needs in a real educational context.
During the project, students receive an assignment from the school to develop an application -with Scratch- that is linked to the curricular objectives of the primary education that are being worked on. Students carry out this assignment, develop the application in question, but also prepare the necessary teaching material.
The project is developed as an interdisciplinary collaboration with teachers from the UAB School of Engineering. The project has the approval of the school, and there have been two pilot tests that we want to implement formally.

Global Endowment: € 1000.00

Project members: 

Alejandra Bosco (Coord., UAB), Ian Blanes (UAB), María del Carmen De Toro (UAB) y Guillermo Navarro (UAB)

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