Call for aid for predoctoral contracts FPU 2019


Registration open for the call for aid for predoctoral FPU contracts 2019

The FPU scholarship, which is part of the University Teacher Training Program, is one of the predoctoral scholarships that focus on enhancing research and promoting R + D + I programs. This scholarship, together with the FPI (Training Program Research Staff), are essential to determine the quality of teaching in each university department, with respect to training capacity.

FPU scholarships are awarded from Spanish universities in order to do a doctoral thesis. Its function is to serve in the formation of doctoral programs and in this way, to obtain the title of Doctor. The scholarship is for students to get a predoctoral contract in a university of national territory, the contract normally has a limit of 4 years, but can be extended up to 6 (only if the beneficiary is a person with disabilities ).

In total, 850 FPU scholarships are awarded, of which 17 are for students with a disability greater than 33%. The term for the scholarship application has a duration of 20 days from its publication, in this case until November 14, 2019.

To see the requirements, enrollment or more information about the scholarship, click here.

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