II International Congress "University and Vulnerable Groups"


Today begins the II Congress "University and Vulnerable Groups", which is being held in Medellín (Colombia)

Today, September 5th, the II International Congress “University and Vulnerable Groups” is taking place in Medellín (Colombia). The main intention of this academic event is to bring together the largest number of authorities, professors, researchers and postgraduate students interested in educational inclusion.

In this second congress, the intention is to continue with the theme of the first one: sharing reflections, successful experiences and strategies that provide the opportunity to incorporate new practices and better plans that promote a reform in institutional policies and learning processes, but above all it aims to improve the quality of university education.

The Congress has allowed for a long period to present contributions related to the experiences that fit the thematic lines. You can follow the course of the Congress through the social networks of the EDO Group and the ORACLE project, or by following the hashtag #universidadesequidad.

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