CIEDO 2020


Save the dates of the CIEDO 2020

The 6th EDO 2020 Congress will be held on May 6th, 7th and 8th, and its website is now open to the public, where the objectives, program, contribution modalities, registration, organization and its can be consulted.

The theme of the congress next year will be "The new knowledge management", according to this, the thematic lines that will be worked on will be:

  • Methodologies and strategies for the new management of collective knowledge
  • The promotion and registration of interaction and collective conversation
  • Management of talent and human capital in organizations
  • Corporate networks for new knowledge management
  • Social and collaborative learning in knowledge management
  • Management of informal learning in organizations
  • Models and experiences that combine personal, social and institutional development in organizations

The objectives to be pursued at CIEDO 2020 are: to analyze and discuss the new approaches and strategies used in the processes of creation and management of collective knowledge; encourage the exchange of research, experience and good practices on the promotion of conversation and social and informal learning in the workplace; value new learning formats, collective intelligence and social participation in the development of professionals and their organizations; promote joint lines of work between the University, the Public Administration and the private sector on the creation and management of collective knowledge; share and promote the key role of people in the development of organizations and society, making compatible personal, professional, institutional and social development.

Submit a contribution in symposium, communication or poster format. Bases available in the "contributions" section of the web.

To consult the CIEDO 2020 website, click here.

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