Implementation of an educational model based on the prevention of early school dropout

Finantial Entity: 
Education Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia
December 2018

The collaboration between the administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Autonomous University of Barcelona in relation to the implementation of an educational model based on the prevention of premature abandonment is part of the 'Territorial cooperation program for the advance and support in education and permanence in the educational system, PROEDUCAR' within the framework of the axis called 'Suma y Sigue' which aims to promote institutional educational policies to prevent and treat early educational abandonment.
This transfer project aims to achieve an objective of common interest, in the formation of citizens, to enhance the excellence of the education system, efficiency in the use of public resources and optimize the effectiveness of institutional actions for the improvement of results.
The impulse of the Improvement of the teaching, the contribution to the learning throughout the life, the best of the social cohesion, the equality of opportunities and the quality of life are principles linked to the objective of the same. The purpose of the collaboration is to generate the educational documentation and research space necessary to highlight the improvements that the implementation of the guiding model of competency in the Educational Centers generates, as well as to draw conclusions, make comparisons and build an Improvement Tool for the Centers in the line of the educational transformation, in the Service to the educational success and the prevention of the abandonment. To achieve this goal, specific objectives are formulated:
1) Analyze and lay the theoretical foundations that support the guiding model of competence, in a frame of reference based on empirical evidence.
2) Develop strategies and instruments for the measurement of organizational change as a result of the implementation of the guiding model of competence, of use and direct application in Educational Centers.
3) Identify evidence of change following the application of the guiding model of competence in a Sample of Selected Educational Centers, from the Observation and the selection of reference experiences
4) Make proposals for improvement, in super case, on the model itself, on aspects of implementation and / or on necessary training actions, to guarantee super efficiency, adaptability, transfer and sustainability.
Global Provision: € 83,000.00

Project members: 

Diego Castro (UAB, Coord.), Ingrid Agud (UAB), Carme Armengol (UAB), Elena Ferreiro (Dept. Ensenyament), Joana Ferrer (Dept. Educació), Joaquín Gairín (UAB), Cristina Mercader (UAB), Iolanda Murillo (Dept. Ensenyament), Jordi Pàmies (UAB), Enric Roca (UAB), Carme Sanjuán (Dept. Educació).

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