ORACLE summary video


The video summary about the ORACLE project is available on the YouTube channel of the EDO Group.

The video summary of the ORACLE project can now be viewed on the EDO Group's YouTube channel, where project members explain what it consists of, what is involved in their universities and how they carry out the work in order to achieve the objectives that are proposed.

The ORACLE project, funded within the framework of the EU Erasmus+ program, aims to be a space for the exchange of experiences, the preparation of studies and the proposal of lines of action focused on improving inclusion and equity in the institutions of higher education in Latin America.

Dr. Joaquín Gairín, Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and director of the EDO Group, defines the mission of the project as "to work on the organizational implications of the faculty, support staff and students; and from the functions of teaching, research, transfer and management ". The contribution of Diego Castro, a member of the EDO Group, clarifies the way in which "we work in relation to a perspective of equity culture, overcoming old paradigms focused on vulnerable groups or people with special needs".

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