Qualitative study on the perception of organizational culture change (Covenant 17030)

Finantial Entity: 
Ajuntament de Barcelona
February 2019 to June 2019

The project entitled "Qualitative study on the perception of organizational culture change" of the Professional Development and Knowledge Management Plan (Social Rights Area - Barcelona City Council) aims to complement the previous work carried out by the Social Rights Area, where It has quantitative indicators on the activities developed in the aforementioned framework. Therefore, there is a need to obtain more qualitative information to identify the effects that the implementation of the Plan has had on the entire organization, the workers and on the services provided to internal and external users.

The main objective pursued by the project is to analyze the perception of organizational culture change produced as a result of the implementation of the Professional Development Plan and Knowledge Management. As a result of this, the following operational objectives are proposed:

  • Define instruments that allow the collection of key information for the evaluation
  • Identify key informants for conducting interviews and focus groups
  • Request information from a sample of significant cases on the perception of organizational culture change with the application of the plan in the aspects of language and corporate culture
  • Identify the factors that facilitate or hinder a greater change in organizational culture
  • Propose general lines of action to overcome the difficulties detected

The methodology that the project will follow will be mainly qualitative with a sequential approach, consisting of two phases associated with different instruments: the first phase of destined to documentary analysis; the second phase dedicated to conducting interviews, focus groups, and writing the report on qualitative results.

Global endowment: 7.390,20  €

Project members: 

Joaquín Gairín (Coord. UAB)

Aleix Barrera-Corominas (UAB)

Saida López (UAB)

Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B