emPOWERing the informal (2018-3-RO01-KA205-061362)

Finantial Entity: 
European Commission (Erasmus +)
April 2019 to March 2021

"EmPOWERing the informal" is a project that is directed towards three different branches: the first is to offer support to youth workers in the management and empowerment of informal youth groups to be actively involved in their community; the second is to build instruments to support young workers and encourage learning activities for them, therefore, build skills, competencies, and attitudes necessary to enter the labor market; finally, the third is based on encouraging a more formal system, with the recognition of informal groups through the cartography of informal groups active in the field of youth, building bridges between six partner countries to exchange the most sustainable practices, methods of participation and the empowerment of young people that have an impact on organizations and the community in general.

The project is in the direct line of European priorities and objectives to bring positive and lasting effects in the partner organizations in the systems policy that establish the framework for the creation and management of informal youth groups.

The projects aim to strengthen the link between the public and the associative fields by placing informal groups as a central actor in the process of building sustainable communities, developing skills and attitudes towards young people.

The objectives of the project are:

- Increase the capacity and professionalism of young workers

- Promote the missions of informal groups in the youth field to the public and private sector, their skills and knowledge acquired by young people in informal contexts

- Strengthen the capacities of young workers who work with informal groups through the provision tools

- Create synergies of work in the process of promoting a more active participation in society based on collaboration, accepting and promoting diversity and equality.

The expected impact of the project is: better recognition of informal groups and the management role for young workers, better interaction with local authorities responsible for youth policies, promoting good practices in the EU in the youth field towards relevant local actors and to facilitate intersectoral collaboration at the national and international level, improve the effectiveness of youth work support tools, and enhance the importance of the learning process and the results that occur in informal contexts that have an impact on the professional development of young people, and therefore, an impact on the insertion of youth in the labor market.

Global Provision: € 246,284.00

UAB budget: € 23,375.00

Project members: 

Aleix Barrera-Corominas (UAB)

Georgeta Ion (Co-coord. UAB)

Joaquín Gairín (Co-coord. UAB)

Mihai Vilcea (Coord. FITT)

Pedro Soares (Experimentaculo)

Jessica Ferreira (Experimentaculo)

Ioana Banach (Green European Foundation)

Patricia Pires (Camara Municipal de Cascais)

Carolina Melo (Camara Municipal de Cascais)

Alina Aflecailor (Subjective Values Foundation)

Adelina-Paraschiva Luntaru (Asociación para la participación, oportunidad y desarrollo)

Balint Josa (Subjective Values Foundation)

Ovidiu Simonetti (Timisoara Municipality)

Mihai Adrian Vilcea (FITT Foundation)

Ana-Maria Gradinariu (FITT Foundation)

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