Evaluation of the formative program "Learning to learn"

Finantial Entity: 
“La Caixa” Bank Foundation (EduCaixa)
November 2018 to July 2020

Learning to Learn is one of the eight key competences for lifelong learning defined by the EU. This requires, on the part of students, the ability to organize and plan their own learning autonomously, is the ability to manage time and information effectively. The development of this competence requires significant learning processes, as well as the work of other complementary key competences (such as communicative, mathematical and digital).

The objective of this project is to evaluate the result of the "Learning to learn" project, developed by Virolai School and to advise other educational centers so that they can implement this project as a way to improve the competencies of their students.

The process of implementing this proposal to other educational centers (a total of 36 class groups, 8/9 innovative schools and their correlation of control groups are proposed) will be carried out in accordance with its five phases of development, considering a meta-evaluation of the process of internal evaluation already defined by the intervention and emphasizes in the evaluation of its impact. The evaluation will have a mixed character (quantitative-qualitative) and will contemplate two phases: The first: to evaluate the process of the revision of the TGI and its relation with the learning to learn competence, the definition of the indicators of progress, the design of the instruments for the collection of evidence and the preparation of rubrics for the self-regulation of learning (all processes that teachers must develop); the second one that will evaluate the measurement that is made of the competition learning to learn from the students involving different agents (students, teachers-tutors and families) and applying instrumental variety of self-evaluation, coevaluation and hetero-evaluation (checkpoint activities, revision of rubrics , questionnaires, interviews) that indicate the initial situation, the areas of improvement and progress of the learning to learn competence and the final situation.

To carry out the project, training actions will also be implemented for the teams of teachers who will have to implement the proposal, as well as the review of the work previously done by the participating teaching teams.

Global endowment: 49.700,00€

Project members: 

Joaquín Gairín Sallan (UAB)

Patricia Olmos Rueda (UAB)

Anna Díaz (UAB)

Isabel del Arco Bravo (UdL)

Sandra Estrena (Escola Virolai)

Coral Regí (Escola Virolai)

Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B