Call for predoctoral scholarship

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The call has gone out for thirty places of pre-doctoral Inphinit-Retaining (La Caixa) scholarships.

The presentation period of candidatures has been opened for a total of thirty places convened for the doctoral scholarship program for researchers of any nationality. It will remain open until February 27th.

The scholarship members must incorporate between September and November 2019. The scholarships have a maximum duration of three years, although they are granted for one year.


The call includes all areas of knowledge, its main objective is to train researchers with additional curricular skills to expand the possibilities of developing their professional career; not only towards the academic sphere, but also towards the industry or entrepreneurship sector.

The program also includes face-to-face training in transversal skills, designed for leading international companies in the sector. Aspects such as technological transfer, creativity, leadership or entrepreneurship, among many others, will be discussed in it. Throughout the scholarship three face-to-face sessions will be held: one at the beginning, another in the second year and the last one in the third year. All the scholarship members of the same call must participate, regardless of their disciplinary scope.

Those interested must accomplish the requirements requested. Will be evaluated aspects such as studies, the knowledge of languages, the research experience and the mobility.

If you want to apply for the application, you must contact with the Management trough

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