The Coordinators Meeting in Brussels


EDO members participate in the Brussels Coordinators Meeting

On the 4th and 5th of February the Coordinators Meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium, organized by the EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency), on the frame of the KA3 convocatorie of the program Erasmus+, centered on the social inclusion and common values ​​in relation to the contribution in the frame of education, training and youth.

This was attended by Patricia Olmos, interim associate professor, and Aleix Barrera, Project Manager of the EDO Group. Both of them were able to witness the project meetings where various issues related to the social inclusion of young people were discussed, such as: how to transform social inclusion in success (based on youth, education and training), also execution issues focused on the management and auditing of contractual and financial aspects were also worked on. In addition, to conclude the meetings a series of bilateral meetings were held with EACEA staff and financial officers.

The assistance of Olmos and Barrera was very profitable since the content of these conferences is strongly related to the O4YEL project that is being carried out. The dedication of this project is supporting the educational and social inclusion of young people at risk of early abandonment, with the aim of developing innovative methods and practices focused on the student's guidance mechanisms and tutorial actions to prevent it.

For more information about the O4YEL project, click here.

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