Inclusion in Education


First meeting of O4YEL Project, aiming to improve social inclusion in early youth leavers of the educational system.

Tackling early school leaving is a European policy challenges because it is central to young people’s educational, social and labour inclusion. Continuation in education and achievement in educational outcomes are therefore fundamental for inclusion in social, educational and labour contexts. Of the factors linked to early leaving, wrong and/or inadequate orientation and guidance process are ones of the main reasons for dropping out, more specifically on secondary educational level (lower and upper secondary education), one of the more critical for young people in which they have to choice about their educational and professional future.

In light of this need, EDO-UAB group will lead, coordinated by Dr. Patricia Olmos and Dr. Joaquín Gairín, the project “O4YEL – Supporting educational and social inclusion of early youth leavers and youth at risk of early leaving through mechanisms of orientation and tutorial action”, funded by European Union in the framework of Erasmus+ program (Ref. 604501-EPP-1-2018-1-ES-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN) with a partial budget of 486.677,00 €, and a total budget of 608.347,00 €.

O4YEL aims to develop, implement and evaluate innovative methods and practices focused on student guidance mechanisms and tutorial actions to promote inclusive education for young people who drop out prematurely or who are at risk of prematurely leaving their studies; either in formal or non-formal educational contexts. To achieve this, and in close collaboration with the actors in the context of action, it is intended to create a bank of resources and good practices, design diagnostic and evaluation tools, consolidate networks between educational actors and institutions, develop resources to facilitate a consolidated orientation and propose a tutorial action intervention strategy to improve the social, educational and labor inclusion of groups of young people at risk of exclusion due to abandonment of their studies.

The teachers that participate in the project are from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Bath (United Kingdom), Instituto Politécnico de Leiria (Portugal), University of Bucharest (Romania) and University of Bremen (Germany). The group did the kick off meeting on 30th of January to 1st of February in the Applied Pedagogy Department in UAB. This first meeting helped to define a joint vision of the reality that is intended to be addressed, to agree on the activities to be developed in the first year of the project, and to deal with the internal management aspects of the project.

Access to the project’s website will be available soon.

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