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Final Master Thesis defenses of Centre Management for Educational Innovation.

On 18th of December in the afternoon, the session of defending final master thesis of Centre Management for Educational Innovation took place, whose main goal is offering a adequate and wide education in order to satisfy the training needs of teacher who desire to access managerial positions, and those professionals who currently are developing management tasks in training fields or in socio-cultural institutions with an evident educational perspective. The Members of the Court were three teachers from EDO Group: Dr. Carme Armengol, Dr. Diego Castro and Dr. Aleix Barrera.

The thesis defended are related to the following topics:

- CEIP Mare Nostrum project.
- Diagnosis and construction of tools for the construction of a positive school climate from the field of managerial leadership.
 - Climate of inspiring center and transformational and distributed leadership: towards an effective management of knowledge in INS Vilafant.
- Towards a culture of participation and collaboration.
- Is our school suitable to implement the program of the international baccalaureate primary school?
- Innovation as a bridge between the public school and alternative projects.

The program is recognized by Education Department of Generalitat de Catalunya as a basic training for accessing to management positions.

For further information about the Master’s Degree, visit the official website: http://goo.gl/OnK01G

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