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Members of the EDO participate in the coordination meeting of the YOUTH project in Timisoara (Romania).

On December 3rd, 4th and 5th, teachers Georgeta Ion, Saida López and Aleix Barrera participated in the coordination meeting of the YOUTH project "Creating a framework and developing contents for tomorrow’s youth centers " in the city of Timisoara (Romania), project that aims to provide professionals of youth centers and youth organizations associated with the project skills and abilities to work with young people.

Currently the project is already in its final implementation phase, and the meeting held has served to mark the general lines of action by all partners in order to finalize the manual of activities to work with young people, as well as a compendium of Strategies adapted to the guidance and support for professionals working in this type of center.

During the meeting, an activity open to the community was also developed, with a broad participation of young people, where Georgeta Ion and Aleix Barrera presented the results obtained in the work package coordinated by EDO-UAB, whose objective was to identify the situation current and future needs of professional development and improvement of youth centers and professionals who work.

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