Training of trainers


Training of trainers, central axis of the second training module of ASCENT Project

The development of the project "ASCENT - Competence centres for automotive engineering and sales management to increase the positive impact on regional economic development in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico" seeks to close the current gap between the needs of the labor market and the educational offerings, supporting HEI in the advancement of their knowledge in automotive engineering and sales. In this sense, as a result of the project, it is intended to qualify students to increase the number of graduates who can contribute to research and development within the automotive industry of Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, contributing at the same time to reduce unemployment in the regions where the project will work.

Within the framework of the project, EDO-UAB will collaborate in the development of work package 2, based on the development of a training plan for the personnel of the participating Latin American institutions whose objective is to provide the necessary skills for the development and implementation of strategies that allow improvement of the employability of young people in automotive engineering studies. In this sense, Joaquín Gairín, Gabriel Izard and Aleix Barrera participate on 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of December in the development of the second training module, the focus of attention is the training of trainers. That is why during these days we worked on the detection of training needs, the design of actions, active learning methodologies and formative evaluation. At the same time, part of the sessions will be devoted to analyzing the linkages that universities and the industrial sector can establish to feed each other when it comes to forming human capital.

This activity has been carried out at the Technological Institute of Monterrey (Saltillo Campus), and the partners from the universities of Mexico, Argentina and Brazil have participated. The following formative activities in which members of EDO-UAB will have a prominent role as trainers will be about the development of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

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