Call for a Research Support Technician

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Open a position of Technical Specialist in Support of Research linked to ARMIF 2017 – 00006 project.

Between 10th and 21st of December, the period for the submission of candidatures to the position linked to ARMIF project led by Professor Georgeta Ion will remain open. The main function of the person who joins is to collaborate in document and data management generated during the development of ARMIF Project “Strategies of self-assessment to SRL and development of teaching”.

The main functions of the position are the following:
(1) collaborate in documental management;
(2) collaborate in field study management;
(3) collaborate in qualitative and quantitative analysis;
(4) collaborate in organization of project meetings; and
(5) collaborate in the final report.

Those interested in the job offer will need to comply with the requested requirements (see here). For the selection process will be assessed the domain of computer tools, languages, academic record and previous experience (curriculum 40%) as well as a personal interview (60%). Candidatures must be submitted electronically to: for students, graduates, PAS and PDI or to: for external persons the UAB.

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