Gender and Management

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The best undergraduate dissertation of Pedagogy with Gender perspective has been directed by Marina Tomás.

On Tuesday, 27th of November, the award of the best Undergraduate dissertation with gender perspective of Pedagogy Degree of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) was delivered by the Observatory for Equity of UAB, Women’s Catalan Institute and Vice Chancellor of students and employability. This work has been directed by professor Marina Tomàs i Folch, EDO member, in line with her research areas: gender and management.

The dissertation is called “Leadership from women researchers who manage SGR groups (Consolidated groups recognized by Generalitat de Catalunya) of UAB. Multiple case study” developed by Txell Zolle-Valero i Setó (EDO collaborator).

Both director and student intend to carry on with this research in the following two academic years as part of the MURE master’s degree.

For further information about the Master’s Degree, visit its webpage

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