Call for a Research Support Technician

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A position of Technical Specialist in Support of Research linked to the EDO research group is open.

Between November 22ns and December 4th, the period for the submission of candidatures to the position linked to the EDO group led by Professor Joaquín Gairín will remain open. The main function of the person who joins is to collaborate in activities of administrative management of projects and research agreements, as well as in the development of daily activities, management of training and transfer activities of the EDO-UAB group and the Laboratory of Service Provision EDO-SERVEIS.

The main functions of the position are the following:
(1) facilitate tasks for the justification of international research projects;
(2) maintenance and updating of social networks and websites, according to the activities of the members of the group;
(3) participate in the development of projects and research agreements;
(4) collaborate in the logistics (dissemination, preparation of materials, contacts, etc ...) of the training and transfer activities; and
(5) other support activities linked to the daily activity of the research group and the laboratory, in coordination with other professionals of the UAB.

Those interested in the job offer will need to comply with the requested requirements (see here). For the selection process will be assessed the domain of computer tools, languages, academic record and previous experience (curriculum 40%) as well as a personal interview (60%). Candidatures must be submitted electronically to: for students, graduates, PAS and PDI or to: for external persons the UAB.

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