5th International Conference on Psychological, Educational and Health Contexts


Members of the EDO participate in a symposium at the V CICE Congress in Madrid.

The 5th International Conference on Psychological, Educational and Health Contexts (CICE) is celebrated in Chamartín (Madrid) on November 21st, 22nd and 23rd. The Conference is promoted by the Association University of Scientific Formation Psychology and Education Research and organized by UNED Almería, Universidad Autónoma de Chile and Universidad de Almería to favor the meeting between researchers and give them a space to present results of their work and research projects.

In the Conference, Joaquín Gairín (EDO-UAB director) coordinates a symposium entitled "Promotion and Development of Healthy Educational Institutions". The participation of the symposium is completed by Isabel del Arco (EDO-UdL), who presents "the promotion and development of healthy territories from the DOTS chair", Antonio Burgos (University of Granada) who focuses his intervention on "Training for the promotion of school health and safety ", Anna Díaz-Vicario (EDO-UAB) that details the results of a project on "the role of managers in the promotion of school safety and health" and Cristina Mercader (EDO-UAB) that analyzes the "Problems of ICT related to health and safety in children and adolescents". The symposium takes place on November 22nd at 1:30 pm in the Barcelona Room of the Hotel Weare Chamartín.

The papers of the Conference are published in book format and will have 6 different titles depending on the theme of the contribution. Moreover, the Conference has accreditation of recognition for being an interest Conference in the scientific-health field.

For further information about the conference: https://www.formacionasunivep.com/Vcice/

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