Schools as healthy organizations. A guide for their development

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Fundación Prevent
July 2018 to July 2019

Schools, unlike other organizations, are workspaces where several groups come together (headmaster teachers, management personnel, teachers, students, parents, etc.), which generates complex relationships that vary in each organization. The particular conditions that affect teachers when they carry out their work make them one of the groups most likely to suffer stress, anxiety and depression. This fact has important repercussions, not only in the quality of the work they carry out, but also in the health and well-being of the group and, therefore, in the quality of education.

The traditional concept of a healthy work environment proposed by WHO must be rethought by the field of educational organizations, given the particular circumstances of schools. It must be linked to the approaches and trends that advocate for the development of schools that meet the physical, social and emotional dimensions of school health and safety, from an individual, collective and community perspectives.

The purpose of the project is: a) To define and characterize in an operational way the model of healthy school organization; and b) To develop a guide that allows the implementation of the healthy school organization model. The research has an applied nature, focusing on the development of a guide for developing the perspective of the healthy organization in the school context. The guide aims to help schools to integrate the concept of the healthy organization into their daily organization and operation. The guide will include a self-assessment tool to evaluate the level of organizational health and also guidance actions to help schools to improve it.

Budget: 8.000€

Project members: 

Joaquín Gairín (UAB, coordinator), Diego Castro (UAB), Anna Díaz (UAB), Carlos Casanova (UdL), David Cobos (UPO), Antonio Burgos (UdG).

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