Internet of Things


A group of Chilean businessmen will participate during 18th to 25th October in training activities and visits organized by EDO-SERVEIS.

From 18th to 25th of October, a group of SME companies of engineering services for mining in the Tarapacá region will visit UAB to participate in training activities and visit companies related to the Internet of Things [IOT]. The program seeks to generate new knowledge in relation to IOT in international industries, deepening in the latest technologies applied to the IOT, such as communication channels, data transmission devices, sensors and applications in other industries similar to mining, in order to apply this knowledge to the management of their companies, improving the competitiveness of the sector.

The visit will last for 9 days, which are divided into 4 days of internship at the UAB to know trends regarding the IOT and to visit companies that apply this technology as well as associated research centers. On the other hand they will also participate for 3 days at the IOT fair in Barcelona with the aim of knowing suppliers and experiences that will help them to increase knowledge in relation to this matter.

The visit will happen thanks to the funds given by the Government of Chile, through CORFO (Corporation for the Promotion of Production), and is organized altogether by EDO-SERVEIS, the Research Park of UAB and EC Option, a consulting firm on training and advice in the Tarapacá region.

For further information about the logistical and material support that EDO-SERVEIS can offer in the organization of training activities at UAB, please contact us through

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