Call for FPU Grant

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The call for FPU pre-doctoral grant is open.

From 9th to 29th of October, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training opens a call for the University Professor Training Fellowships (FPU) to do the doctoral thesis in any of the universities of the Spanish state. This call is addressed to all areas of knowledge without any distinction. Applicants must be enrolled in the Doctorate program at the time of joining the research group.

Those selected will be able to enjoy up to 4 years of a contract to complete their doctoral thesis. In case you want to request this grant to study Doctorate in Education and link the development of your thesis to EDO group, it is necessary to contact the Director in advance through The request will be made via telematics through the Ministry's web portal.

For further information about the Doctorate:
For further information about the call, click here.

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