Teaching Research and Innovation


Members of EDO receive financial aid to improve their teaching activity and promote pedagogical research.

The activity of the members of the EDO group does not only focus on research, they also actively participate in teaching activities, mainly at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. For years, they have developed projects that help them to understand aspects directly linked to teaching, as well as introducing improvements in teaching methodologies by analyzing the results they have in the students' learning.

During 2018 members of EDO have received funding for the realization of three innovation projects directly linked to the teaching activity that takes place within the framework of the Primary Education and Early Childhood Education Bachelor’s Degrees.

Project 1:
Evaluation strategies for self-regulation of learning (EAAR) of university students, coordinated by Georgeta Ion and funded with € 2,500 by the Office of Teaching Quality of the UAB. Using a teaching approach based on research, the project aims to develop strategies and resources for evaluating student competencies that encourage self-regulation of their learning and professional development.

Project 2:
ARPA – Resources Site For Assessment, coordinated by Anna Díaz Vicario and funded with € 2,500 by the Faculty of Educational Sciences of UAB. Its objective is to develop the web portal ARPA (Aula de Recursos Per a l’Avaluació) with the aim of making available, in a single space, materials and resources related to different types of evaluation (infographics, rubrics, PPT presentations, videos, reports, success stories, papers, etc.).

Project 3:
Improvement of the Quality of TFG in the initial teacher training, coordinated by Patricia Olmos Rueda, and funded with € 5,000 by the Faculty of Educational Sciences of UAB. Among its objectives, it seeks to facilitate the processes of accompaniment, monitoring and tutoring of the task that students must develop during their TFG, seeking spaces for interaction, learning and consensus among students, university agents and the school (tutors).

For further information about the teaching innovation projects developed by members of EDO group, see section "projects / innovation projects".

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